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Hello and Welcome to Best Nintendo Games.

my name is Otto.

The idea of Best Nintendo Games came around when I ordered my Nintendo Switch. I wanted to buy the Best Nintendo Switch Games and I wanted them cheap. So this led me to start searching every single website I could find for the cheapest price.Furthermore I had no idea what the Best Nintendo Switch games were, so I did some Googling but had no real success. After scouring the internet I finally had done enough research to come to a conclusion on what the Best Nintendo Switch games were and thought that there must be other people out there seeking the same information.If you are someone who don't know what games to buy for your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS or even your Nintendo GameCube then this blog is for you. We offer news, giveaways, reviews & deals. All of this game be viewed on our website or through our newsletter, you can sign up to this above! (do it! it is excellent if I do say so myself!)Yes, you can go ask your neighbour or that boy who you think knows a lot about computers, but they don't put the research in, in order to get the best conclusion. I know research can be a pain in the ass, especially when you know nothing about gaming consoles and your kid is desperate for the best games for Christmas! As I want to be as open as possible with you guys, this blog is part of the Amazon Affiliate Network. However, this changes nothing about the content of this website. Everything will be 100% truthful. Thank you.  

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