Nintendo Switch vs Wii U – Find Out Which One is the Better Console.

The Nintendo Switch is just around the corner. Which console should you buy?

Nintendo Switch vs Wii U

Nintendo Switch vs Wii U

Nintendo Switch vs Wii U – What one is for you?


The Wii U is currently selling for around $270 or £250 on the Official Nintendo Store.

The Wii U is available for purchase on Amazon US / Amazon UK.

The Nintendo Switch RRP is $299.99 or $279.99

The Nintendo Switch is available for purchase on Amazon US / Amazon UK


One of the main reasons behind your choice in Nintendo Switch vs Wii U will be the price. Many were not pleased when Nintendo announced the price of the Switch. However,  I feel comfortable paying that price seeing as you are getting more of a console out of the Switch.

The low prices of the Xbox One and PS4 make the Switch’s price seem worse. However those consoles are older and in my opinion, you cannot compare the Switch to the Xbox or PlayStation, they are completely different consoles.

However, we are comparing the Switch and the Wii U. Today, a Premium Wii U costs £250 on Nintendo’s own store. Seeing as the Switch offers more power, portability, better features and better games. Paying the extra £30 will be worth it, and who knows the price may drop even more.

Winner: Nintendo Switch




The Wii U came with a console and a gamepad Players were able to walk around their house with the ability to continue to play their games on the gamepad. Now Nintendo has removed the main console station and put the entire console into a gamepad, the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch has now been given a much-needed upgrade over the Wii U gamepad. The display size is still the same, however, the resolution has been upgraded from 480p to 1080p. The display has been upgraded to a capacitive touchscreen instead of a pressure touch screen.

The Switch is based on a Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, which provides a lot of CPU and GPU power.  Whereas the Wii U had an IBM CPU and a Radeon GPU, neither or which match the power that the Nvidia processor bought to the table.

The Nintendo Switch is rumoured to have 4GB RAM, which is twice the amount that can be found on the Wii U, 2GB RAM.

When it comes to storage, Nintendo opted to stick with the same amount of internal storage. Offering 32GB on the Switch and the Wii U. However, the difference is the Wii U had a slot for a memory stick or external hard drive. Whereas the Switch has a Micro SD slot that is capable of expanding its storage up to a further 2TB.

Winner: Nintendo Switch


Games and Software

When it comes down to the number of games available, then the Wii U wins, no questions. The Wii U has had a 4 year life span, but in those few years there have been some good games. Super Mario, Mario Kart, Pikmin  and Minecraft are all reasonably priced. The price is bound to fall in price even more in the coming weeks.

However, the Nintendo Switch is a brand new console, so it is going to have very few games. 6 games are available at launch, and currently 85 games have been announced to be releasing over the next year. Nintendo have also announced some killer titles that have a lot of hype around. Furthermore, there is a lot of 3rd party support for the Nintendo Switch, no thanks to Nintendo’s new partnerships.

One big factor in your decision on the Nintendo Switch vs Wii U is that Nintendo recently announced that they will be ceasing first party development for the Wii U after the release of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Another that could effect your decision between on the Nintendo Switch v Wii U is that the Nintendo Switch is switching back to cartridges (game cards) whereas the Wii U still uses discs. Both consoles do still have access to the Nintendo Digital Store.

A very positive factor for the Wii U is its backwards compatibility support. It had the ability to play Wii games from launch, meaning it had a huge library of games to play. However, the Switch will have no backwards compatibility support.

Winner: Tie

User Experience

We have not seen much of the Switch’s interface. However what we have seen they look very similar, being icon and thumbnail based.

Nintendo also announced that the Switch will not have any media streaming support, seeing as they want to concentrate on gaming at the moment. Whereas, this is possible on the Wii U, although it has just lost BBC iPlayer support.

Nintendo have also confirmed that the Switch will have social media support. So users will be able to post on FaceBook or tweet their latest thoughts. However, MiiVerse will not be returning, it looks like the MiiVerse will be dying with the Wii U.

Winner: Tie


We have only had a short behind of actual hand on time with the Switch so this is an early first-impressions verdict. We think the Switch will come out as the stronger console in the end, with solid hardware and excellent 3rd party game support, which is a vast improvement over the Wii U.However, at launch the Switch is not a perfect upgrade over the Wii U. Unless you are a big Nintendo fan boy, then the Switch may not be for you at the moment. I would suggest waiting until Christmas for a lower price and a much larger choice of games. If you want to buy either console now, then the answer is simple. The Switch is only a tiny bit more expensive, it packs much more power and various games will be releasing on the Switch over the next couple of years.So the Winner is the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is available for purchase on Amazon US / Amazon UK