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We all know you are gaming fans, why else would you be on BestNintendoGames? We thought this might interest you any fans of Counter Strike Global Offensive.

CSGOAnalyst is an e-sports prediction service primarily focused on Counter Strike Global Offensive. CSGOAnalyst aims to offer the best CSGO Betting Advice for all of those who are in the CSGO Betting scene. CSGOAnalyst is becoming an asset to many other CSGO bettors by offering some of the best CSGO betting advice for free.

CSGOAnalyst soon plans to offer the occasional ‘real sports’ betting tips as well as


betting predictions. Furthermore, the site will eventually evolve to offer news, stats, analysis, odds tracking, forums, team and player pages, models and live scores, among many other features. CSGO Analyst aims to bring the best out of the CSGO Betting Community by offering a helpful and professional service.

CSGOAnalyst is available via Twitter and Steam Groups
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CSGOAnalyst Currently Offers Various Features:

CSGO Giveaways – low on skins/BTC? make sure to frequently visit our site to make sure you enter every giveaway.

Betting Guides – want to improve your CSGO Betting Skills? Read out guides to ensure that you are able to make consistent profit.

Sportsbook Reviews – find out who the best e-sport sportsbooks are by checking out our unbiased reviews.

Free Bets – get free money to bet on your favourites esports with these deposit and no deposit free bets

CSGO Betting Advice – last but not least, get the CSGO Betting Advice that you need to ensure you bet on winners.

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