7 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy The Nintendo Switch

Why You Should Buy The Nintendo Switch

If you are asking, Is the Nintendo Switch Worth Buying? Then this article is for you.

Nintendo Switch Logo

Nintendo Switch Logo


A Computer Can Do Everything an Xbox One and a PS4 Can Do, But More

I am here to say Why You Should Buy The Nintendo Switch, so lets get started. A Computer is superior to the Xbox and PlayStation in every way, there is nothing they offer that a computer doesn’t.

So why buy the Nintendo Switch? Nintendo Games are extremely fun, and offer something unique unlike the Xbox or PlayStation doesn’t. The type of games that you find on a Switch cannot be found on Steam.

The Xbox and PlayStation are marketed as “we have power”, well I have a PC. So I don’t need more power, But I do want a new and exciting way to play games with my friends, Nintendo is a master of that.

The Nintendo Switch offers a completely new way to play video games.


The Nintendo Switch has three different playing modes; TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode. This means the Switch is playable anywhere. At home, while travelling (it is the perfect flight companion) or even in bed. The portability of the Nintendo Switch is far from a gimmick and will be a driving factor in its success. This is why You Should Buy The Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Partners

Nintendo Switch Partners

Nintendo Switch Partners

The biggest publishers, such as Activision, EA and Ubisoft have partnered with Nintendo. This shows the Switch will not be a underpowered tablet device that is only capable of playing mobile games. It will be able to play the latest AAA games. It will get the latest games.

Furthermore, CriWare, Unity and Epic Games have partnered with Nintendo. These companies are behind three of the biggest video game engines. This will allow indie developers to easily develop games for the Switch.

The third party support shows that the Nintendo Switch is ready for success. This is one of the reasons why you should be buying the Nintendo Switch.

We know EA and Ubisoft are supporting the Nintendo Switch. However we do not know what games they will be bringing to the upcoming device. Will it be Call of Duty, Dragon Age and FIFA or games like Just Dance and Plants v Zombies.

Finally, AAA Games on a Handheld Device

Nintendo have built a portable console that has enough power to play the latest AAA games. These are the games that hardcore gamers want to play while travelling, not Angry Birds.
We want Zelda Breath of the Wild and Skyrim on a handheld device and that is exactly what Nintendo bought us.
This is why you should buy the Nintendo Switch.


Local Multiplayer on a Handheld Device?

Nintendo Switch Local Multiplayer in Action

Nintendo Switch Local Multiplayer in Action


Previously, local multiplayer on a handheld device has never been possible.

Now you can play Mario Kart in the backseat of a car with your siblings or friends. All of this can be done on a decent sized screen, in 720p resolution and without using a poorly designed touch interface that you find on many mobile games.

Playing local multiplay with friends and family is the best thing. Yet it is so rare to see local player supported in modern games. Nintendo have changed this, many of their games are offering local multiplayer, up to 8 players.

What more do you want, go buy the Nintendo Switch now on Amazon US or Amazon UK. Seriously, you won’t regret it!




Our favourite plumber, Mario


Another reason why you should buy the Nintendo Switch is Mario. He is everyones favourite plumber and is king. Many of you would have been raised playing these games and will really enjoy being able to play reminisce on those child hood days of playing Mario or Zelda on your SNES.

Now players are able to explore the open world of Zelda on the television, then switch to handheld mode when heading out to work. It is a great console for those who don’t have much time for gaming anymore but would love to experience the perfect nostalgia once in a while.


Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Mario, Zelda. Do I need to say anymore?

There are 6 launch titles that will be available to play with your Nintendo Switch on launch day. You can check out the Nintendo Switch Launch Games with this link.

Furthermore, there will be 83 games that will be launching on the Switch throughout the year. Check out this link for the updated Full List of Nintendo Switch Games.
If you are a fan of the Nintendo Library, the you should buy the Nintendo Switch.

The Unique Features

These are some of the best things about Nintendo consoles. The Nintendo Switch is bringing some of the best features from the Wii, Wii U and 3DS to form the ultimate console. These unique features will really help to improve the gameplay and offer a unique experience that cannot be found else where.

This is yet another reason Why You Should Buy The Nintendo Switch.

Joy Con Controllers

Joy Con Controllers


So, are you going to buy the Nintendo Switch?

If you would like anymore information on the Nintendo Switch then check out this Ultimate Nintendo Switch Guide.

Comment below if you are.

If you would like to buy the Nintendo Switch now then purchase them securely on Amazon with these links:

Amazon US / Amazon UK






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Hi, my name is Otto. I am in love with all things Nintendo. I first started playing games on my Super Nintendo and now I am playing games on the Nintendo Switch. I started this blog so anyone who has a Nintendo console can find the best games for it. Thanks for reading,Otto.

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10 months ago

Yes, I am going to buy one.
Ps an XB simply don’t attract me.


10 months ago

Yep, I am 100% with you. I have a PC, the Xbox and PS don’t offer anything that the PC doesn’t. However the Switch is unique, I am super excited for it.


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